Here are some of the comments made by Associates who took the Advanced Riding Course with SLAM:

"It surpassed my expectations! I learned such a lot from my Observer I was actually disappointed when the course was over"

"The lessons were handled well, a good mix of fun with seriousness. It felt like riding with a mate who was giving you pointers rather than a ‘this is how you should ride’ scenario"

"I gained what I thought I would, confidence is much higher. My riding style and confidence changes have been commented on by others"

"I thought I could ride a bike but really the bike was more in control of me!  I've learnt many new skills, but an area where my riding has improved immensely is controlling the bike, having more confidence in what the bike can do both in the dry and wet, this has improved my riding confidence and riding style; I now have the confidence to get round a bend smoothly, with progress and in control whereas before I think my thoughts were bloody hell that was scary!"

"Using a structured approach to dealing with hazards felt pretty darn good the first time something unexpected happened, and I realised that the situation could have become a whole lot worse if, I had still been riding the way I used to!"

"The examiner was excellent. He chatted beforehand and I was able to discuss a couple of areas of concern. He made me feel at ease but I was still a bit nervous when I set off. The feedback was excellent and encouraging"

"Wasn’t much bothered about the test, the course was worth every penny just for the improvement in riding pleasure for me, but I did also enjoy the test"

"It was a fabulous experience and I will recommend other riders to consider doing it. What a super group! I particularly enjoyed the cones session in terms of building up my confidence on the bike and meeting like-minded people"

"My riding is smoother, my observation literally miles better. My anticipation and evaluation of road conditions and road user’s movements are accurate, no more ‘slamming on’. I have been out with friends, who were of a similar skill level prior to the course. They have commented on my improvement and how they struggle to keep up!"

(What could be improved?) "Many, many, more planned observed rides would have given the perfect excuse for getting out on the bike rather than doing the garden / the DIY /weekend shopping with the wife…..(delete as applicable)!!"

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