Coronavirus (COVID-19) - SLAM Actions - Updated 17/07/2021

Training resumed on 17th May.  Rides are also now reinstated - watch out on the website, SLAM News and the SLAM Members Facebook page for details.
We ask you all to continue to adhere to the Covid guidance that we have shared, based on the IAM RoadSmart and UK Government guidance.
We hope to be able to restart face to face Social gatherings, but until we do, we will continue with the Zoom on-line meetings as before.
Its nice to be back!

John Burns - SLAM Chair

Never Stop Learning

IAM Masters – is it for you?

So where next after you’ve done your IAM Advanced Riding Course, and passed of course!

  • Observing – that certainly not only helps your group and your Associate but boy does it help your own riding.
  • SLAM ride clinics – a great way to ‘check’ your riding with an experienced Observer
  • SLAM rides out – a fun way to keep developing your riding, on different, sometimes challenging, routes.
  • Become an IAM Fellow – which entails an Advanced retest every 3 years
  • IAM Masters – so what’s all that about then?

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Hi all – Chairman’s bit!

Well so far, it’s been a great summer weather wise, both in the UK and on the continent – if anything too hot!  It’s been really good to read about the tours that various SLAM members are having both in the UK and abroad - it’s my turn soon.  A special thank you to all our ride leaders for the planning and preparation that they do for the rides we have almost every weekend, and also to those organising weekends away.

The great weather for biking reminded me that there may well be some members who have dusted off their bike, from its winter home, for the summer and this may have prompted some thoughts on riding skills?  Well, don’t forget our SLAM ride clinics – these are available to all members, they’re FREE, and there to help you brush up on whatever skills you may want to improve.  We had a lot of people taking us up on ride clinics last year, and we got some really good feedback; so if you’re thinking …… maybe ……. well, drop John Burns an email ( and we’ll pair you up with an Observer.  Remember, whilst passing your advanced motorcycle test is a fantastic achievement, it marks just another milestone in improving your riding – which never stops!

I quite often get asked why we don’t do something or other in SLAM, and the honest answer is because no one is organising it.  For example, I wondered why there weren’t some shorter, midweek rides …… well there are now, and the solution to my own question was for me to lead a shorter midweek ride.  I was surprised by the numbers who turned up, but it proved that I was not the only one wanting the same thing.  So, if you’re in the position of wondering why something isn’t happening, please let me know, but I warn you in advance, the answer may well be support from me and a suggestion that you organise it for us – you’ll be surprised about how many others will join you – I was!!

If you’re reading this wondering about how you could get more involved in SLAM, please give me a call – we’re always looking for new people to help.  It doesn’t take a lot of time but working together, we make SLAM the club we want it to be.  We’re going to have a couple of gaps on the committee next year so if you’ve time and enthusiasm to help out a bit, please let me know and come along to a meeting to see how it works.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be an observer, well we’re planning just the event for you.  Watch this space but later in the year we’re looking at running an event where you can come along and find out exactly what it’s like to observe.  From my perspective, it’s the best thing I’ve done since passing my test.  I have learned as much, if not more, by observing as I did by being observed.  Some may be thinking “I don’t have the time” – well yes, it does take time, but quite honestly, it’s not too onerous – most associates have around 7/8 rides and we know that it’s not always possible to volunteer to take part in all our SLAM courses.  So, if you are thinking about it, have a chat with either me or Bob Fletcher, our chief observer, and think about coming along to the event.

At this month’s social on 1st August we have Invisible Patterns.  They do an amazing job adding a protective coating to your bike and once it’s done you can hardly see it’s there.  I’ve used them before and can recommend them so why not come along, find out what they do and have a chat.

Finally, we’ve now set the date for a SLAM xmas do!  It’s on the 30th November and will be at Preston Grasshoppers.  Tickets are now on sale and Paul Grundy will have these at the social in August.  The cost will be a bargain - £10, and this will include a selection of hot food and a disco.  So, let’s get Christmas off to a swing with SLAM this year!

Some say that the way I write is a little like rides I organise – they ramble on, but every now and again we pause for a brew – well, I’ve been rambling here for a while, so it’s time for a brew!  Safe riding everyone, enjoy the weather!


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