IAM Skills Track Days help your road riding skills

 Izmir Track Day 2009 02

SLAM has long been advocate to the IAM RoadSmart track based training days, run on circuits across the UK.

2017 offers a great selection of opportunities to improve your riding skills through track based training. The Skills Days are designed to help you develop your riding skills in a safe closed road environment with expert tuition and guidance. You'll concentrate on specific skills development that will enable you to improve your knowledge and skills as well as getting to know your bike's capabilities better.

These days are designed to safely help riders of all types of bike. No prior experience is required.  

Please note that these are not race or track days, so please do not expect to be able to simply ride round the track at excessive speed... but don't worry, you'll get plenty of opportunity to explore your bike's capabilities!

Check out www.iamroadsmart.com for future dates.

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09:45AM - 02:00PM
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06 Sep 2018
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SLAM Social - TW Suspension Tech
11 Sep 2018
07:30PM - 09:00PM
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15 Sep 2018
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